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Ditzy Durr
United States
You are free to use or edit any of my bases and recolors in any way you wish as long as no profit is made. That means DO NOT SELL THEM IN ANY WAY. That includes using them for adoptables. You are not allowed to use requests, gift art, or commissions for anything unless you have permission from the artist which made the request/commission or is the recipient of the gift art.

YES: You may post and edit my pictures however you like if you credit/link back to me in the description. Please don't spam me with your recolors of my bases. x.x Feel free to link me to wallpapers or anything other than recolors however.

NO: You may not use any of my pictures or pictures derived from my pictures for sales, commissions, or adoptions. Adoptables that are given freely (not costing money or points) are allowed however.

I am not accepting commissions right now.
I will take requests and do gift art when I have the time. I work on pictures on my own time. That means they can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks or longer. I do not erase comments or notes about requests. I will answer them when I have time to work on them so be patient.

Some of my works use art from other artists. I have asked for permission from each artist unless permission has already been given freely beforehand. I also link to and credit them. Please do the same when using any of my works. If you would like to use any of my pictures which use another artist's work, please make sure they are ok with it also. Just because I have their permission to use something, doesn't mean everyone else does so check to make sure if you need to ask them or not.
TLDR: Updating colors again, more characters on the way, making new account soon, cutie marks can be confusing.

So after more number crunching and factoring in DeviantArt's limitations, it looks like I will have to make another account. I can only add around 50 more character folders before needing to make a second account. There are around 370 something unique character designs (excluding season 4). Each unique design gets a folder and since there is a 250 folder limit for your main gallery, even if I deleted the MS Paint versions of my current folders I still wouldn't be able to add each design. I have around 100 something folder spaces left but since I upload vexels and MS Paint pictures to seperate folders it cuts the character limit by half.

I'm also updating the colors AGAIN starting with Applejack. On the bright side, I'm also adding more characters such as Golden Harvest and Berryshine among others. I've decided to make the base characters and then add the cannon recolors before delving too much into alternate recolors not in the show.

Somepony reeeealy needs to make an unofficial official cutie mark reference sheet depicting the correct placement/direction of cutie marks. Some ponies have the same cutie mark regardless of what direction they face while others have the cutie mark flipped. It'd be really handy to have a guide so you know which way it should be facing. The direction varies though even with a signle pony. Sometimes Applejack's mark is the same, other times it's flipped. No consistency. There needs to be an official if not agreed upon depiction.

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